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17 May


While practicing yoga, it is recommended to breathe through the nose if there has been given specific instruction to do otherwise. It's always welcoming and advisable to coordinate the breath with the practice of asana.

Bath, Cleanliness, and Food

Before yoga practice, it is recommended to have our bowels evacuated.  Bathing can bring agility and enthusiasm to the practice. Also, after practice, it is good to have a bath in order to clean the body from perspiration and make the body and mind refreshed.

Time of Practice

Practice can be done at any time except after meals. However, there are certain times which are highly advised to practice in. Early in the morning or late in the evening are two appropriate time for the practice according to experienced yogis. The time 2 hours before the sunrise, also known as brahmamuhurta is the considered the best time to practice yoga even though in the morning, body is stiff. Nonetheless, the mind is fresh and alert in the morning. In the evening, two hours after sunset is highly recommended if one wants to practice yoga in the evening.


The practice of yoga becomes yoga when it is harmonized and integrated with awareness. A person who is stiff and less-flexible in the asana practice can be more aware and focused in the practice than relatively flexible and strong person who might have less awareness. The level and value of yoga is determined by how deep and focus you are in the practice than how flexible, and aerobatic you are. Therefore, concentration in the practice, breathing, movement, and posture has to be considered to make the practice qualitative and transformative not only in physical level but also in mental and spiritual level.

Try to practice being physically active while keeping your brain passive, watchful, and alert so that you can see your own mistakes in the practice which will give you chance to rectify your practice.


It is advised to follow a specific sequence or order, especially if you are practicing Hatha Yoga. The practice of Hatha yoga is started with shatkarma followed by Surya Namaskar, asana, and pranayama. The step keeps moving up towards in higher level i.e. pratyahara, Dharana and dhyan.

Place, clothes and Diet

Yoga should be practiced in airy and open place where the flow of fresh air happens. If the place has no access of fresh air, the practitioner may not get the fresh air, which is vital for the practice of yoga. The room should be well-ventilated, calm, and quiet to deepen your practice.

Try to wear loose, light, and comfortable clothing while keeping watch, jewelry, and spectacles away from the practice. Diet should be natural and hygienic, which implies not only for yoga practitioners but also for everyone for the healthy and happy life. Half of the stomach should be filled with food, a quarter with water, and another quarter should be kept emptied so that air can play.


When one wants to practice yoga, it is always advisable to keep in mind about contra-indications. The chronic issue and operations if undergone, one has to consult with the teacher before getting into the practice.

Straining, Termination, and Cautions

It's always kept in mind that undue strain is not the motto of yoga practice. When one feels such strain, then it is best advised to stop the pressure. The practice becomes effective only when one follows the continuity and perseverance. The time comes when strain doesn't need to be put in the practice even unconsciously. Any such strain in the facial muscles, ears, eyes, and in the breathing is not natural to the practice of yoga.

Age, menstruation, pregnancy, and delivery

Asana can be practiced after 6 years of age until one dies both by male and female. However, it is advised to halt the practice during menstruation period. At the later stage of pregnancy, it's better to observe the practice so that the body gets proper rest and relaxation. However, until the first trimester of pregnancy, one can practice all the asana.

First month after delivery is the period when one is advised not to practice any asana. After three months of delivery, one can practice all asana with comfort.


As important and essential, any other aspects of yoga are, as is the savasana. It is one of the seemingly most easiest yet the most hardest part of yoga practice, which is inalienable for the practice of yoga.

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