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24 Mar

परिवृत्त उत्कटासन (Parivritta Utkatasana), also known as Revolved Chair Pose or Twisted Chair Pose, is a yoga asana that combines the strength and balance of Utkatasana (Chair Pose) with a twisting motion. This asana is a great way to build core strength, improve balance, and increase flexibility in the spine and hips.

To come into Parivritta Utkatasana, begin in Tadasana (Mountain Pose) at the front of your mat. On an exhale, bend your knees and sink your hips down as if you were sitting back into a chair. Keep your weight in your heels and make sure your knees are in line with your toes.

Inhale and lift your arms straight up overhead, keeping your shoulders relaxed and your gaze forward. On an exhale, twist your torso to the right, bringing your left elbow to the outside of your right knee. Press your palms together in prayer position, and use the leverage to deepen the twist.

Hold for several breaths, keeping your hips and knees square and your spine lengthened. To come out of the pose, inhale and lift your arms back up to center, then exhale and release your arms down to Tadasana. Repeat on the other side, twisting to the left.

Parivritta Utkatasana is a challenging pose that requires both strength and flexibility. It is important to move slowly and mindfully, listening to your body and stopping if you feel any pain or discomfort. As with all yoga postures, it is best to practice under the guidance of a qualified teacher until you feel comfortable and confident in the pose.
Parivritta Utkatasana, or Revolved Chair Pose, offers numerous physical and mental benefits, some of which include:

1. Builds strength: This pose strengthens the legs, glutes, and core muscles, making it an effective way to build overall strength.

2. Improves balance: The challenging nature of the pose helps to improve balance and stability, especially in the lower body.

3. Increases flexibility: The twisting motion of this pose helps to increase flexibility in the spine and hips, while also stretching the chest and shoulders.

4. Enhances digestion: The twisting motion of Parivritta Utkatasana can help to stimulate the digestive system and improve overall digestion.

5. Boosts energy: This pose can help to increase circulation and blood flow throughout the body, leading to a feeling of increased energy and vitality.

6. Calms the mind: Practicing Parivritta Utkatasana can help to calm the mind and reduce stress and anxiety.

7. Develops focus and concentration: The challenging nature of the pose requires focus and concentration, helping to develop mental focus and concentration.

Overall, Parivritta Utkatasana is a powerful pose that offers numerous physical and mental benefits, making it a valuable addition to any yoga practice.  

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